Boat Docks

We specialize in building new construction ranging from single stall to large house-boat docks with angle iron substructures. We also repair or add-on to existing docks.

New Dock Construction:

D&R Dock has many years of experience constructing new docks. All new docks are designed for the customer and built by our dedicated professionals using custom designed jig tables. Docks are floated with Corps approved polyethylene tubs. We have constructed docks with varying walkway widths, flooring options, roof colors, and both painted and hot-dip galvanized substructures.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing:

We recommend all new constructions be hot-dip galvanized to increase durability and life of the dock. All galvanized dock substructures and components are dipped after all welding is complete, and all components are later bolted together with grade 8 bolts to prevent damage to galvanizing coating.


Most commonly, center walkways and fingers vary from four to six feet wide. However, we have constructed docks with walkways as narrow as three feet to accomodate space limitiations. We have also constructed docks with both center walkways and fingers six feet wide for easier navigation.

Decking Options:

  • Treated lumber 2”x6” screwed to treated 2”x4” runners screwed to substructure.
  • Composite Decking 2”x6”screwed to treated treated 2”x4” runners screwed to substructure.
  • Lightweight concrete tiles.

Metal Canopy Roof:

Our tin roofs are screwed to galvanized “Z” purlins and suported by 2½” square tubing posts. The posts are bolted to the sides of the substructure using grade 8 bolts and lock nuts. The tin sheets used are available in a variety of colors and we can even alternate colors.